Hawkins Western World
Since 1979
Gates - Bow Gates - Deer Gates

In stock sizes:  4'  6'  8'  10'  12'
Standard 4' high with chain/snap closure
Custom gate with 4'6" x 6 rail
Slide bolt latch and heavy
2-7/8" galvanized posts
Gates are 1-5/8" galvanized 16 gauge and come with gate hinges
Options include: Slide bolt latch (shown above)
Horse back latch (shown below)
Double gate with drop leg
Custom heights and rails
1-7/8" or 1-3/8" galvanized 16 gauge pipe
Post hinges sold separately
Custom 3 rail gate with wire bottom
Horse back latch
Custom double gates with wire
Pull latch on top
Bow Gates
12' Bow Gate
Braced and framed with supports
Easily clamps to panels
No cemented posts needed
Custom 8' x 4 rail Bow Gate
1-7/8" galvanized 16 gauge
Deer Gates
12' x 7' Double Deer Gates
with 2" x 4" welded wire
Deer Gates are all custom size
to fit your needs
most common heights are
7' - 7'6" - 8'
Chain Link Gates
Heavy duty and durable
11 gauge Chain Link
1-5/8" galvanized 16 gauge
Farm Gates
20' x 4' Gate
2-7/8" galvanized structural gate
2-7/8" galvanized full weight posts
Single gate (shown)
Double gate
Custom sizes