Hawkins Western World
Since 1979
Mare Motels
Our Mare Motels are made with quality galvanized 16 gauge tubing
26 gauge galvanized roof

Breezeway and Shed Row styles available in many sizes
Fully covered and half covered
Shed Row Mare Motel
Breezeway Mare Motel
Six Stall Breezeway
with 12' center aisle
12' x 24'  5' high 4 rail
Half covered
12' Gate on breezeway
Shed Row Mare Motel with Porch
Four Stall Shed Row
with 8' porch
12' x 24'  5' high 4 rail
Fully covered
Fully Covered Mare Motel
With 8' Porch
Mare Motels come standard with 6' front gates 5' high 4 rail
                      Additional options include:
Back Gates                                         Welded wire panels
Sliding Front 4' Gates                        Breezeway 10' or 12'
5' high 5 rail panels                            Gate for Breezeway
6' high 5 or 6 rail panels                    Porch
Half Cover or Full Cover                    Color Roof

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A few extra things we do to make our products safer & longer lasting
*No powder coated or painted pipe for longer life cycle
*Secure with panel clamps-not pins-for higher security & stability
*Double brace over bow gates for added strength
*Vertical center pipe on panels that goes all the way to ground
for added strength and stability
*Square corners for horses safety
Shed Row Mare Motel
12' x 16' with 3' overhang
Can be ordered with or without