Hawkins Western World
Since 1979
Saddle and Tack Racks
Saddle & Tack Rack $195.00
with locking wheels $295.00

Saddle blanket bars swivel & removable
Bridle & accessory bar swivels &
Saddle racks are not removable
Saddle Racks

Single $65.00
Double $99.00
Triple $125.00
4 Tier $150.00

Heavy duty saddle racks 1-5/8" galvanized pipe 16 gauge
Built to last and they do
Saddle Blanket Rack

Durable blanket rack keeps saddle pads organized, off the
tops of saddles and they dry out better than being stacked.
Rack arms move to different positions and flush against wall.
Mounts in corner or flat wall.

1-5/8" galvanized 16 gauge pipe
Saddle Blanket Rack