Hawkins Western World
Since 1979
Shed Row Barns
12' x 12' Stalls with horizontal grill
Swinging front door
12' x 15' galvanized roof for overhang

One or more stalls inline
Options listed below
Six Stall Shed Row Barn
shown with optional vertical grill
feed door and enclosed end wall
Six Stall Shed Row Barn
Shown with standard grill and front door
Optional tack room, storage room,
enclosed end wall and 6' overhang
Three Stall Shed Row Barn
Shown with optional vertical grill and feed door
sliding front doors, sliding back doors
6' overhang
8' Hitching Rack

Optional porch on shed row barn
10' porch pictured

Optional back cover
6' pictured

Three Stall Shed Row Barn
Standard stall front grill & swinging doors
Optional tack room and front paddocks
Barn walls 1-1/8"
Sliding Front Doors
Sliding Back Doors
Vertical Grill with feed door
Tack Room
Open front for storage
Back Porch
Extra Overhang
Enclosed end walls
Color Roof
Larger Stalls
Hitching Rack
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